Music Composition, Orchestration, and Mixing

Not A Clone (Omiya Games)

Platformica (Winter Bloom)

Teen Titans Panic Mode (Cartoon Network)

Teen Titans Drillionaire (Cartoon Network)

The Mandate (Perihelion Interactive) orchestration, implementation and sound design

Zombie Rises (Emblem)

Princess Lullaby (Fine Game Arts)

Tiggly Adventures (Tiggly Software)

Tiggly Chef (Tiggly Software)

The Legacy of Barubash (Kactus Games)

The Legend of Fat Ninja (Zephyr Games)

Hyperspace Madness (Autodesk Gameware)

Fish Pro (Fish Pro, LLC)

Pablo the Pufferfish: Big Shots Get Shots (Healthline Networks Inc)

Film, TV, and Advertising

Music Composition

Peg Heads (iStory)

Color Wars Documentary (Business Lunch Productions)

Nickelodeon 8-Bit Bumpers

The Leap of Sam Wolf (J Skye Wallin)

Filter (Pheobus Castle Films)

Sandwich Girl (Business Lunch Productions)

Nickelodeon Halloween TV Spots (Nickelodeon)

Nick-online web spots (Nickelodeon)


Soundtracks and Albums

Music Composition, Orchestration, and Arrangement

Platformica (Winter Bloom)

Materia (Materia Collective)

Harmony of a Champion (Shinesparkers)

Harmony of Heroes (Shinesparkers)

The Legend of Fat Ninja (Zephyr Games)

Up and Away (Woody Jiang)

The Absolut A Cappella Album (Absolut A Cappella) 





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